The Pacific Islands News Association, Internews Earth Journalism Network, Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner, and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) are working together to finalise the inaugural “Pasifika Environews Awards” for journalists, freelancers, and camera persons. These call for stories, pictures and videos have been widely circulated to media outlets in the region via the Pacific Islands News Association.

The awards which will be announced during World Ocean Day on June 8 will honor exemplary reporting, photography and videography that set a standard for environment, ocean, and climate change reporting in the Pacific. Open to journalists, freelancers, photographers and videographers, there are three main themes of the awards –Environment, Ocean, and Climate with a total prizemoney of US$4500.

There are two awards under each theme, an award for the best story and an award for the best photograph or video.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) is sponsoring the Environment Awards of the Pasifika Environews Awards.

”We’re excited to be a part of this, we fully value the role of our Pacific Islands media in helping to amplify stories of our Pacific environment and resilience.  The more we feature our environment, the more our Pacific communities and people can understand why and what we can do to work together to protect it.  We look forward to seeing the submissions!” – Ms Nanette Woonton, Communications and Outreach Adviser, SPREP.

The Office of Pacific Ocean Commissioner is sponsoring the Ocean Awards of the Pasifika Environews Awards.

“We thank all those who have been participating in this initiative to this date and we look forward to many more in the future. In the Pacific, the ocean is central to our peoples’ daily lives and the stories out there are endless like the ocean itself. I hope you will all be inspired by it,” said Peni Suveinakama, OPOC Manager.

Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) and Internews Earth Journalism Network are sponsoring the Climate Awards of the Pasifika Environews Awards.

Donna Hoerder, Internews Pacific Partnerships Coordinator said: « There are some outstanding stories on the environment linked to a number of related issues whether it is in health, economics, trade etc, and the Pasifika Environews Awards will provide some recognition for this work. This is an incentive for Pacific media to turn the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities before us. »

Pacific Islands News Association Manager and PACNEWS Editor, Ms Makereta Komai said: “The media has an important role in creating awareness on important issues that are of critical importance to the region. There are not many times that the media is rewarded for its work that creates change and makes valuable impact in the lives of Pacific Islanders, the Pasifika Environews Awards is a collaboration between regional organisations to reward to journalists, freelancers and camera persons who have highlighted critical issues on the environment, ocean, and climate change.”

Pasfika Environews Awards is offering:

  • SPREP Best Environment Story – USD $1000
  • SPREP Best Environment Video/Picture- USD $500
  • OPOC Best Ocean Story- USD$1000
  • OPOC Best Ocean Picture/Video- USD$500
  • Pasifika Environews Best Climate Change Story- USD$1000
  • Pasifika Environews Best Climate Change Picture/Video- USD$500

 Submissions have been received from journalists and photographers or videographers representing news outlets including freelancers in the Pacific and there is still time to submit more stories.  Entries for all categories are unlimited.

Judges are looking for stories, pictures or videos related to the three themes that have created an impact in communities and highlighted the impacts whether positive or negative of development on the environment, ocean and in turn communities.

Submissions must include proof of publication between May 7, 2022 – April 30, 2023 and translated into English if necessary.

 Entries for stories must be submitted in MS Word or PDF. Video submissions must be in

mp4, .wmv, or .mov and pictures must be in jpeg, .png, or .pdf.

 A panel of judges will look at entries and judge them based on journalism skill, ability to engage audience, relevance, accuracy, factualness, and proficiency in the medium. Winners will be announced on World Ocean Day on June 8.

All entries must be submitted to pasifikaenvironews01@gmail,com and will also be published on Pasifika Environews.

About Pasifika Environews

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